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Créditos ao sims3marktplatz

patio de luna



Creditos de postagem ao Casas do Leo

Créditos de criação ao Sims Lulamai

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  1. At our daily updates we saw your blog. You have one download from our forum and provide it as your own upload. In our opinion it is a theft and we do not agree. There are no references to sims3marktplatz.net. If you do not remove it we are forced to employ a lawyer.

  2. excuse me, when I posted in a hurry, and I forgot to put the link to the Marktplatz, I'm editing the post, did not do any harm

  3. Are you kidding me? I mean that one: http://www.sims3marktplatz.net/forum/index.php?page=DownloadDBData&dataID=171

    The design is from Queenmumy and not from you. Our downloads are free and available from http://www.sims3marktplatz.net but should only downloadable from our site. We didn't allow you to offer a free space upload.

  4. I'm sorry, really sorry, I do not understand what was being waged, I mixed up the set of the Marktplatz with the Simslulamai, and put both of them with the same credit, really sorry for the problem was not my intention. Ja I placed the post, you can see



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